Custom Digital manages the affiliate sales channel for Discount Tire.
We use use advanced third party technology provided by
Impact Radius.
For tracking, reporting and commission payment to affiliates. Prospective partners can

sign up for the program here

Does it cost anything to be an affiliate?

No. Affiliates are paid commissions when online shoppers they refer purchase tires or wheels at Discount Tire, America’s Tire or Discount Tire Direct.

What is the difference between and is the main website where consumers can shop for tires and schedule an installation at a nearby Discount Tire Store.  If there is not a store nearby, the consumer is automatically directed to, where their online purchase is shipped to their home.   Some affiliates choose to link directly to DiscountTireDirect, but they do this only if they know their audience prefers to have tires shipped rather than to visit a Discount Tire store.

How is America’s Tire related to Discount Tire?

In parts of California, stores are operated under the America’s Tire brand.  Click here for a store locator.

Who is Impact Radius?

Impact Radius is the system that serves ads, tracks activity, and provides reporting.  Impact Radius also makes payments to affiliates.  Impact Radius refers to affiliates as Media Partners.

Who is Custom Digital?

Custom Digital is the performance marketing agency that manages the Discount Tire affiliate programs.  Custom Digital is available as a resource to affiliates.  Feel free to Contact Us.

What are the best landing pages for the affiliate program?

Affiliates can link to any pages on the Discount Tire websites, but some affiliates like to send shoppers to the following pages

Discount Tire Homepage  This is a good place to begin the tire selection process.  Shoppers enter their zip codes and are routed to Discount Tire Direct if they don’t live near a Discount Tire  store.

Current Promotions  This page lists all nationwide promotions, but some affiliates prefer to link directly to the promotion detail pages.  Promotions are announced to affiliates through program emails and newsletters

Discount Tire Direct Homepage  This is the starting page for shoppers who wish to purchase tires online and have them shipped.  The Discount Tire Direct Website helps shoppers locate local tire installers, and shipping is free.

Discount Tire Direct Current Promotions This page lists promotions, but some affiliates prefer to link directly to the promotion detail pages.  Promotions are announced to affiliates through program emails and newsletters

How do sales commissions get paid to affiliates?

When a potential customer clicks through an affiliate link, and selects tires for installation, a commission is generated.  That commission is validated after the tires are installed, and is transferred into the affiliate’s Impact Radius account 30 days after the transaction locks.   Affiliates must achieve a minimum $50 balance for funds to be transferred from Impact Radius into their bank accounts.  Payments will  be made daily, so long as the commission amounts are above the minimum threshold.

What are the top selling points for Discount Tire?

Discount Tire/America's Tire has been in business since 1960 and has grown to become the world's largest independent tire and wheel retailer. Discount Tire strives to provide affordable pricing, quality products, and excellent customer service. This philosophy is evident in their stores and on their ecommerce website.  Discount Tire makes selecting the right wheels or tires easy.

How do I get started becoming an affiliate?

Prospective affiliates can sign up here for an account with Impact Radius, and apply to be in the affiliate program.  After being accepted, affiliates can find ads and pick up links to post on their websites.