10 Questions to ask about your affiliate program

With performance advertising, the writing is not always on the wall.  Below are a few questions we help our clients answer before making any decisions about having a performance marketing channel. These may be questions for you to consider as well:

1.  What Key Performance Indicators do you use to determine the success of advertising?

2 Are your advertising dollars 100% accountable to the business they generate?

3 Can you easily test pricing and promotions through the online channel?

4 Does your company have business strengths that can be leveraged over competition in the online channel?

5 Does your company have both the resources and the expertise to develop and operate a pay-for-performance sales/advertising channel?

6 How can a performance marketing channel drive not only growth, but also profitability for your company?

7.  Do you have a performance advertising  metrics that you can benchmark against all your other advertising?

8 To what extent is your advertising channel  and active sales channel?

9 How do you determine if a performance advertising channel would complement rather than conflict with other advertising

10 How do you maximize sales and ROI together?


Please contact us if you need help answering any of these questions.