All advertising should be as accountable as
performance based advertising.

Our mission is to become legendary for innovating performance marketing solutions that drive large scale revenue and ROI for our advertising clients. We believe in this model, where advertisers only pay for the results they get. We believe in it because it is scalable, adaptable and because it can solidify marketing partnerships over the long term.
Our goal is to implement performance advertising solutions across every media opportunity possible, online and off.
Watch out Madison Ave!


Custom Digital is a performance advertising agency with an expertise in affiliate marketing. Some people refer to us as an affiliate or partner management firm.

We started in early 2000 as WAM (Winterhalter Affiliate Management), as one of the first performance marketing agencies.   We built and managed the affiliate channels for several dot-com companies like Zing (an early photo sharing site) and Keen (now part of AT&T Interactive).

Today, Custom Digital works with select advertisers who need help navigating the complex performance marketing landscape, and understanding the potential performance marketing can deliver. We leverage our unparalleled expertise, along with our strong network and media partnerships on behalf of our clients.


Custom Digital is run by Steve Winterhalter, a performance marketer since 1999, with brand, programmatic, and video advertising experience.